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Floating an idea your way … (opinions appreciated) :)

Dear Ladies,

Today I was discussing with Sponsormusings if I should/could write anything after I finish Perspectives (last three chapters planned) and I told her that I don’t think I could be able to write Canon (at least for a while) and that any modern AUs I could come up with might not really appeal to most of you since:

a. I can only write about a lifestyle and culture that I am familiar with;
b. the lifestyle and culture of a microscopic island in the Mediterranean sea is completely alien and unfamiliar to all of you, and probably, not very interesting.


BUT! Would you be interested if I perhaps wrote a fic set during World War II where Peeta is an RAF Pilot deployed to the Mediterranean to defend the British military base in Malta from the Axis siege? Like this, even though it will be set in a place which is unfamiliar, it would however be set in a period in history which people know about.

In order to make things easier, I would include pictures and snippets of other info to give you all a better idea of what I’m talking about :).

So … would such an idea interest you?? The research involved is a lot, and I would need to stuff myself for months on end in history books but it could be a bit of a summer project to keep me from going crazy waiting for the CF film :). Sponsormusings would also be helping me out basing herself on her awesome grandparents in law who contributed to the allied war effort even though they were German. The original idea was to have an Aussie!Peeta but the timings of how the war actually occurred in the Med did not coincide v_v.

Would love to know what you think about it! Because, if it’s not a very tempting idea, I’d rather scrap it from the beginning :) xxxx

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  1. malteaselivesonanisland reblogged this from malteaselivesonanisland and added:
    Dears, you’ve been really encouraging :). It might happen - I’ll start digging around for history books and I’ll see...
  2. renlybarafeon said: Go for it! I love WWII stuff!!
  3. alonglineofbread said: Just FYI, a microscopic “alien” island culture sounds like an amazing read.
  4. jemmielou said: I love historical AUs, I’d really be interested in reading.
  5. pookieh said: I’m pretty sure I’ll read anything your write :) Also, I have a weakness for historical AUs, so yes please!!!
  6. justadram said: Yes. YES!!
  7. dendori said: We like reading about new cultures. Don’t sell yourself short.
  8. madefrommemoriesff said: Sounds very interesting to me!!
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